Some of the old ones can be the best ones…

1. To keep your fresh vegetables for longer soak in fresh, cold water for 10 minutes then store in a veggie box in the fridge. It will keep them fresh for over a week.

2. If you’ve run out of WD40 try using furniture polish instead.

3. Wear a pair of sunglasses when chopping onions to avoid your eyes running.

4. To get rid of unwanted smells from your toilet, fill a small tub with vinegar and place it somewhere discreet like behind the u-bend. The air will be fresh in no time.

5. Put garden solar lights on a windowsill and use them as a night light without using the electric.

6. To remove a scratch from a table, crack open a walnut and rub it along the scratch . Walnuts contain a natural resin which will conceal the scratch.

7. To make your own room spray, add ten drops of your favourite essential oil to a plant spray filled with seven tablespoons of warm water. One tablespoon of vodka or pure alcohol as this acts as a preservative.

8.Some dishwasher powders can be very expensive so buy a cheaper one and add a few tablespoons of vinegar to the dish-water. The vinegar will cut the grease, and leave your dishes sparkling. And to clean your dishwasher simply run a cup of white vinegar through the entire cycle of the empty dishes.


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I am a mum and wife to a lovely caring family. I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for over 30 years and started writing my first blog in 2007 which covered back and chronic pain. Since then I have written many more blogs for myself and customers. I find it takes me away from my pain to another place. I love it so much I think it should be part of a recovery process after illness or surgery. I hope you enjoy reading through my blogs.


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