My Vintage Day Crockery Hire

With everything ‘vintage’ being very fashionable at the moment, it was no surprise to find that you can now hire vintage china for your wedding/party or event.

Jo Mortimer-Bush runs ‘My Vintage Day’ crockery-hire, which has a spectacular collection of cups and sauces, plates, tea pots and tea table requisites. She had vintage wedding china at her own wedding which gave her the idea to start the business.

Most of her collection has been bought from auctions, antique fairs and car-boot sales. Most of her business has been built up by word of mouth and from her website

They cover Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedforshire and Hertfordshire, but will deliver further at an added cost. They also cater for afternoon tea packages which have also become fashionable for hen parties.


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8 thoughts on “VINTAGE CHINA FOR HIRE…”

    1. It is and something that has become very popular with the younger ones, my daughter had some bought for her by her partner for Christmas. I have box loads and plan to keep it in case she wanted to use them for a special occasion. I have used them for coffee mornings though and always got some lovely comments 🙂


    1. It does look a bit expensive but then I guess if you lose some through breakages then they are not easy to replace. I have a load that I have collected over the years and use for coffee mornings and keep adding for special occasions. Very popular with the younger ones now, my daughter is also a collector 🙂


  1. Since clearing my Mother’s house, I have crates of the stuff:) All my friends with daughters in their 20s and 30s have said that they would like some. I had no idea that it was so popular.xx


    1. Yes my daughter is a collector and her partner bought her some for Christmas but they both adore vintage. I have a number of them which I have collected over the years and use for coffee mornings and special occasions. They are quite pricey to hire but like I said to Bushka, I guess if you have some broken they are very hard to replace. 🙂


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