Afternoon Tea Party 011

I held an ‘Afternoon Tea’ for the girls (well we are all in our 60’s but girls at heart) today with a little help from my friends daughter.

Afternoon Tea Party 008

The gorgeous cup cakes and heart shaped biscuits were done by my friends daughter, which I am sure you will agree are gorgeous.

Afternoon Tea Party 004

I made an Orange Cake, a Chocolate Victoria Sandwich Cake, and a Fruit Cake…

Afternoon Tea Party

Hubby did us some lovely sandwiches of smoked salmon, egg mayonnaise and cress and ham and tomato ūüôā

Afternoon Tea Party

The quality of the finish and design in the biscuits and cup cakes looked like they had to have been made by a professional whereas in fact my friends daughter had only done a two day course!!!!!

Afternoon Tea Party

We had Fortnum and Mason Early Grey and English tea (courtesy of my daughter) and as I am sure you can see we had a jolly good afternoon tea fit for a Queen.

Watch this space for more pictures of this truly talented young ladies bakes.



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