The Alzheimers Society are raising awareness of Alzheimers by having a Host a Cupcake Day on Thursday 17th June, 21.

There’s nothing like cake to bring people together. This Cupcake Day spend time with those you care about, and raise vital funds to support people affected by dementia. This year Cupcake Day is on Thursday 17 June but you can host your day whenever it suits you best.

Follow their 3 simple steps to get started:

1. Sign up to receive your free fundraising kit jam-packed with everything you need to turn up the heat on dementia.

2. Bake some scrumptious treats. Whip up a storm in the kitchen or simply nip to the shops – we won’t tell!

3. Collect donations by coming together to raise much-needed dough for people affected by dementia.

How your Cupcake Day helps

Living with dementia at any time brings challenges, but coronavirus has made daily life so much harder.

Alzheimers Society lifeline support services were there for people affected by dementia in the depths of the crisis and continue to be as the coronavirus pandemic endures.

Thanks to the efforts of brilliant fundraisers like you, thousands of people living with dementia and their families can rely on Alzheimer’s Society for support, care and guidance. 

The difference your donations make…

£9.90 helps them reach a person with dementia and provides the first call with their dementia advisor.

£50 helps them be there for 5 people at their time of need, for 5 hrs of specialist support.

£150 could pay for two people with dementia to attend a ‘Singing for the Brain‘ sessions for a year.

Head down to the Alzheimer’s Society website for your recipes and fund raising kits to give your support.

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