1.Egg Whites – these can be frozen – You can store them this way for up to ten months. You may even find the ingredient useful in the future for recipes that work best with aged egg whites.

2.Your icing for decorating cookies and cupcakes. Icing, made of glucose, sugar and gelatin, can be frozen. When reusing the preparation, it will be necessary to mix it. The the icing can also be kept for a week in the refrigerator, then reused to make another dessert.

3.Leftover cake for puddings or crumb garnishes. The crumbs can be sprinkled on desserts like mousses, puddings, fruit purees or other creamy desserts. These can be stored in an airtight box for three months. A leading French bakery grinds their unsold bread into very fine breadcrumbs to incorporate into their innovative cookie recipe.

4.Accurate measurements are the key to producing the same quality products day after day. Proper measuring will not only ensure the best textured cake but no excess ingredients to deal with.

5.Buy ingredients in bulk if you can, especially dried products.

6.Use reusable baking sheets and silicone products.

7.Make sure you use up the products that are running out of date, even if it means you freeze it for later.

8.Double up on your cake baking. While the oven is hot make two batches of whatever you are baking and freeze the rest. Some recipes are not suitable for freezing but many are especially cake baking.




National Chocolate Mousse Day– 3rd April – Though originally from France in the 18th century, chocolate mousse has gained popularity over the years to become a celebrated dessert in the world that it has its own celebration day in the year. April 3 is considered a National Chocolate Mousse Day.

Whether you like it airy, creamy, light or thick is up to you because the taste of chocolate mousse is delicious and tasty in any form. What matters is your preparation techniques.

The best part is that you can present it the way you like it. You can serve your chocolate mousse in a juice glass, shot glass or even a martini glass. Basically you get to choose how you want to enjoy the heavenly taste of chocolate mousse with friends or family members.

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